NIGP Codes

At Hugee Corporation, we offer heating and cooling products and services that are qualified by NIGP Code. We sell brands from well-renowned HVAC manufacturers and suppliers like Trane, Goodman, York, Rheem, Carrier, and AeroSeal. With us, rest assured that we offer nothing but highly-accredited HVAC products and services from air conditioning, heating to ventilation. Check our NIGP codes for your guide. 010-14-01 ADHESIVES, INSULATION 010-14-15 MASTIC, INSULATION 010-17-28 INSULATION, FOIL BACK DUCT 010-38-00 Clips, Pins, etc. (For Duct Insulation) 010-53-18 INSULATION, FIBERGLASS BLANKETS 010-53-62 INSULATION, FIBERGLASS, ROLLED 010-65-21 INSULATION, JACKET, HOT WATER TANK, VINYL FACED FIBERGLASS 010-78-00 Pipe and Tubing Insulation, All Types 010-78-69 TAPE, INSULATION 010-81-00 Preformed Insulation, All Types (For Ells, Tees, Valves, etc.) 010-84-00 Rubber Insulation 031-17-00 Coils: Chilled or Heated Water, and Direct Expansion 031-25-41 CONTROLS AND PARTS, HONEYWELL HVAC (HONEYWELL OR EQUAL) 031-25-45 CONTROLS AND PARTS, JOHNSON HVAC (JOHNSON OR EQUAL) 031-25-84 THERMOSTATS, AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING 031-25-85 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING THERMOSTAT 031-26-41 CONTROLS, HEATING SYSTEM 031-51-00 Furnaces, Central Heating Type (Forced Air, Gas Fired) 031-51-55 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, CENTRAL HEATING TYPE FURNACE (MISC.) 031-53-00 Grilles, Diffusers, Registers, etc. 031-53-20 DIFFUSERS, HVAC 031-55-00 Hand Tools, Air Conditioning and Heating Service Type (Including Leak Detectors) 031-56-00 Heat Pumps 031-57-00 Heaters, Electric (Baseboard Type) and Parts 031-57-24 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, BASEBOARD HEATERS, ELECTRIC 031-58-00 Heaters, Electric (Panel or Wall Type) and Parts 031-58-20 HEATERS, STRIP ELEMENT 031-58-38 ELEMENTS, HEATING 031-58-55 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, ELECTRIC PANEL OR WALL TYPE HEATER (MISC.) 031-58-66 RELAYS, HEATER (GENERAL ELECTRIC OR EQUAL) 031-58-67 RELAYS, HEATER (BRAND LISTED OR EQUAL) 031-59-00 Heaters, Electric (Portable) and Parts 031-59-33 DUCTS, HEATER 031-59-35 HEATERS, RADIANT 031-59-36 HEATERS, SPACE, ELECTRIC, PORTABLE 031-59-40 HEATER UNITS, ELECTRIC 031-60-00 Heaters, Gas-Fired (Space Type, Vented and Unvented) and Parts 031-60-51 HEATERS, SPACE, GAS 031-61-00 Heaters, Gas-Fired (Wall Type, Vented and Unvented) and Parts 031-65-00 Heating Elements, Electric 031-65-32 ELEMENTS, HEATING, ELECTRIC 031-65-64 RELAYS, HEATER ELEMENT (BRAND LISTED OR EQUAL) 031-73-00 Pumps, Refrigerant Circulating 031-74-00 Pumps, Refrigerant Vacuum 031-75-00 Radiators, Heating 031-76-00 Recycled HVAC Products, Accessories, and Supplies 031-91-00 Unit Heaters, Electric (Duct and Suspended Types) 031-92-00 Unit Heaters, Gas-Fired (Duct and Suspended Types) 031-93-00 Unit Heaters, Gas-Fired (Radiant and Infrared, Portable and Stationary) 031-94-00 Unit Heaters, Steam and Hot Water Types 060-35-00 Cooling System: Radiators, Complete and Cores; Thermostats; Water Pumps; etc. 060-35-58 PUMPS, WATER, BRAND LISTED OR EQUAL 220-72-80 THERMCOUPLERS, HEATER 285-77-83 TEES, HEATING DUCT, ALUMINUM 820-12-00 Boilers, Low Pressure 820-14-00 Boiler Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Listed) 820-16-00 Boiler Tubes 832-62-56 TAPE, INSULATION, FOR HOT OR COLD PIPES 910-36-34 INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE OF HVAC FILTERS 914-50-00 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 914-53-00 Insulation 981-00-00 RENTAL OR LEASE OF GENERAL EQUIPMENT (HVAC, ATHLETIC, FIRE AND POLICE PROTECTION, ETC.)